Running for LA and St Louis – WIPOCALYPSE Update #4

5 04 2012

Which would be a very long run!

This is the annual travel month(s) where I go to conferences, business trips and the like.  Like all animals coming out of their caves in the spring- so too is the conference circuit!  December you need to be home, January-Feb is just too darn cold (well, not where I live but you have the idea) and March-June is just right!  Conferences abound.    I even get to go exciting places like Orlando, Costa Rica and LA (okay, Orlando not so much since I live in Florida, but Costa Rica is nice..).

Sound glamorous, really pretty dull.  However I get to go nice places and see my friends – I used to live in LA so am way too happy to attend said boring conference and then get to hang with friends!  One of whom just purchased a lovely home in the hills of Glendale with wonderful quirky nooks and crannies – I just love their house!

Cross stitch update 

Stocking is coming along very nicely and while it feels very slow, I have made progress and am coming into the home stretch.  I do have a goal to try to finish it on my many travels and plane trips over the next few weeks.

Here is a link to the picture update!

Snapperbet and others are much slower – I feel I will be stitching the border forever..and ever…and then maybe a little longer..arrgg.  Such a cute pattern, such a large border!!

Non cross stitch (e.g. running)

Soon to be running the St Louis marathon, this is #10!  A fun run, I ran my last long run about 2 weeks ago so now I get to relax and taper!  Next week not even lifting is required – so lets just say ‘yahoo’.  WAs a bit concerned when my calf started its pully, strainey thing and I am happy to say, it didn’t amount to anything.  Which continues to amaze as the lifting works, every time…so for all of you IT suffers out there, lift with your legs – keep them strong, have no more ITB issues (or at least it worked for me) now you know, you have to give it a few times before it works. 

Signed up for the Marine Corps, my one PR-able marathon a year.  So lets hope that after 10 attempts, 11 is the charm and I finally qualify – so close, no banana (so far anyways).  I’m really looking forward to the run.


Running for the Cure… and WIPOCALYPSE #3

8 03 2012

Cross stitchers, the running update is first this week (see below for the many rivoting moments in cross stitch this week, it is sure to be a nail biter!!).


I had the honor of running in the Race for the Cure (26.2 with Donna) which is the largest Galloway Marathon in the nation – these are run/walk groups.  Jeff Galloway came up with a method to run long distances that doesn’t involve running the entire way, you can walk precisely every n min (where n is defined by a group you run/walk in).  It is a awesome thing, sadly I didn’t learn about until way too late to avoid some injuries along the way…  But it allows folks from all skill levels to complete long distance runs like a marathon without hurting themselves (or hurting themselves too much anyways as anyone who runs knows…it hurts at 26.2 no matter how fast you go!).  This entire marathon is run/walk pace groups which is pretty awesome. Since learning about this, I have been using it for my long training runs and it has so far kept me injury free for 3 of my 9 marathons (soon to be 10).

The ‘Donna’ marathon was well done.  I heard the buses to the start were not good, but all that I was in was very nicely done except for waiting for those darn buses for the thing to start and considering it was 27 degrees, we were all jumping up and down like beans trying to stay warm.  Considering most of the people around me were half naked, the weather was most inconvenient. As Donna doesn’t control the weather, I can hardly fault the marathon for that..but it was a narly start and I don’t think I really ever warmed up (for like 2 days!!).

No waiting for water and lots of good stuff – the good bag was very nice, the shirts were long sleeve (that was a nice surprise as goodness knows we don’t need another short sleeve one!) tech shirts, and they had goo at about every station as well as gatorade (not the other nasty stuff that always makes me sick!).  But my oh my was it COLD – I nearly got a black eye from the chunk of ice in the cup at the top of one of the overpasses!  The poor people sitting up there are truly heros for staying up in that cold wind…And since this is Fl, many were caught off guard…I don’t realize it could get that cold – normally we shred some of our outfits along the way as you get hot running – but I had my mitties, hat, two shirts, jacket and long pants on until the end…

In general, it was well done and I highly recommend it – I think whomever dreamed up an overpass at mile 25 that was very steep, has some ‘splainin’ to do…and perhaps a little evil bone in there somewhere..

I feel compelled to write one last tribute – to the folks in the 7 hour marathon group..

Dear folks in 7 hour Pace group for the Donna Marathon.  You run when it is blazing hot and freeze three hours longer than the rest of us.   To stay out for 7 long hours to meet your goal – you are incredible, driven individuals.  I saw some of you crossing that finish line crying, some limping, some walking  – but you made it across and showed the world that it does not take the body and stamina of an olympian to run a marathon, all fitness levels can do it!  I hope you are standing tall on completing an amazing accomplishment, I salute each of you and your pacer!

Cross Stitch Update (yes, this would be the riviting part, now if only I had something riviting to say 🙂  WIPOCALYPSE UPDATE #3

Finished pretty much my round of 4; BHG, SnapperBet, Noahs Needle and Paradise Lost since last we spoke.  In an effort to make some progress I have been stitching everywhere – doctors office, car, comfy chair, not so comfy chair – I even contemplated it at the Daytona Budweiser Shoot out (Nascar) and the shower. The latter I ditched as an idea because I decided that some of these had Weeks and they might run if gotten wet, the Nascar one because it doesn’t seem to go with car racing.  I haven’t ever been to a Nascar race before, it was certainly interesting and I am glad I didn’t bring the cross stitch and did bring the ear plugs.  Course I may have been able to figure out how to cross stitch ear plugs if I had been very clever.

BHG ugly baby is now alive, staring at us with those vacant eyes just like the real mccoy and I have even contemplated putting my xs under the bed or putting underwear over it (see first post about BHG Dolly room)..then convince myself that I am being silly, xs cannot come alive and eat me like a doll can (geesh, my imagination sometimes!).  I did actually make some nice progress this round and filled in a few areas, I find bs’ing helps to ‘close’ the section and the whole peice to flow better.  Maybe one more round will do it??? Course you know as soon as I say that, it will automatically be two more rounds because the xs knows what we are planning and gets pretty snarky about bragging.  Unfortunately, I’ve already said it out loud (darn, note to self, don’t talk where the xs can hear you!).

Here is a picture of my progress – I have ceased to enjoy this one much and just want to ditch the darn thing, but I am sticking to it to the finish…if that ever comes and I’m not a crazy loon…and Christmas hasn’t passed again (hmm, would buy me some more time…but wait… kinda how I got here in the first place!).  I have just the foot of the stocking remaining.

Running for the next update…

6 02 2012

WIPocaplyse check in #2

I am doing both the CJC and the WIP, so am rotating four (2 from each) to get finished first.  BHG Girls Room, Just Nan- Noah’s Needle, Bent Ceek – Snapperbet and Plum Street Samplers Paradise Lost. 

BHG has gone very well and I am making some headway and might finish by my August deadline.   I am actually starting the head of ugly baby, will laugh through stitching that whole thing I”m sure…memories are sometimes a good thing.  I have done my week already however so ugly baby will stay invisible baby until the next time – about 3 weeks.

Pictures of my progess is here:

Snapperbet is going very slow – I had to rip out the entire thing and start over because the one side was way too low on the fabric and would have run off – so..ya think I would measure it this time but no, decided to throw caution to the wind again…it does look fine so far but it has taken me two days to get back to where I was…and here I thought this one would go fast…foolish girl, very foolish and then I almost ripped a whole in the fabric…there is something to that measuring thing.

The next two weeks are Just Nan and Paradise Lost in rotation, I’m looking forward to the Just Nan as those are always fun to stitch and pretty much stitch up pretty fast…not withstanding the fact that this has been in my to finish bag for about 10 years or perhaps even a few more….  The Paradise Lost just makes me is a long story and I am hoping the story isn’t entirely written at this point, but that is a tale for another day.  I do love the peice, it is mostly the memories.

I am excited to say I know what my next 4 will be in the rotation – I will be adding one as the others are finished or I can no longer stand to look at them 🙂 – making this something to anticipate so I can look forward to the next four (have to finish the current four however!).

Running (cross stitchers this is running part!).

Finally decided on my next ‘time’ run where I go for the PR – the Marine Corp Marathon.  I have some friends (the fast ones!) running the Marine Corp and I decided to tag along, it is supposed to be a very fun run..I have the St Louis Marathon coming up in April, but it is too hilly to run for a time and I want to just have fun with my friends – so I’ll use this to stay in shape for the Marine Corp.  I’m going to see if I can convince some of my not as fast friends to run in that too – I think it will be a fun trip for all.

This week is the ‘Donna’ which is a marathon/half marathon sponsored by the Galloway group as well as entirely for cancer research.  Should be a lot of fun, only running a half tho – so as you all know not so much training which is always nice – there are a few hills in this run so have been running bridges to make sure that I can go over the bridges without dying!  Always pays off to train some for the 1/2. 


Running to Finish

30 01 2012

In more ways than one! 

I spent more time this week working on my January challenge (the crazy one); six good things and one dissappointment.  I finished two squares, turkey’s foot, side and the bottom of an arch, bottom of a ground hogs lair and zy and x.   I tried very hard to stitch my Santa picture on black, wow, I hate black and even though I had it magnified to about a billion, I still couldn’t see it – this is going to be a very painful peice – but i am determined. 

Sadly, ground hogs lair bottom (on the Prairie Schooler February) was done on fabric that is too small to fit the rest of  ground hog and ground hog accoutraments – unfortunately I had to rip out all of the current stitching and found another peice of fabric, one that once again I had not measured.  Now that Ground hogs lair bottom is done, I realized that it is going to be very small – with the prospect of doing all this once again I decided…I’m good with small. 

Pictures of my progess is here:

I am therefore done with my January Crazy Challenge and have started all 15!  I am now off to start working these and decided that I would begin with a rotation of four; two from Wipocalaypse and two from JCC.  So off I go working on my BHG peice to see if I can finish this by my mother’s birthday (August) since I couldn’t make December. 

What is amazing is that some of the stitchers in the group are doing 31, yes that is the extreme January Crazy which of course means a suite at the looney bin (per my note below) – that is a lot of stitching in one year!  They also are doing some beautiful stitching so in every way are surpassing my not so good and less numerous stitching.  Fortunately, I don’t make my living doing this or I’d be very hungry.

Now for something completely different

Running has been going very well, ever since I started the Emma-way of training and kept on with my weight training – it is grueling some days.  Last weekend I ran in Ocala for the Ocala 1/2 Marathon.  Interestingly enough, it is in a very hilly part of Florida – yes, I didn’t know there was a hilly part either!  I though that parking ramps and bridges were all the hills I was likely to see in Florida – but lo and behold, it was VERY hilly in Ocala.

Really a very nice race, pretty much put on locally they were a little short on support and the expo wasn’t an expo.  The folks were certainly doing their best, but unfortunately it hurts your time if you have to wait for your water cup!  I’m sure they got plenty of grousing from the runners as we get pretty snarky without our one luxury during a run, a cold drink, so I won’t harp on it.  The rest of the marathon was very enjoyable.

I ran the half  with the fast crowd – I was supposed to be the anchor that kept everyone from going out too fast – I’m thinking it was not Anchor in the positive sense salt of the earth, reasonable guy…Anchor in the ‘weighs us down like a’ slow guy sense.  Oh well, at least I helped in some way.  We met a new friend, Kevin (well, Anne did because she always makes a new friend) who was also one of the fast crowd and he ran with us – I might have met him first, if I hadn’t been so winded I couldn’t talk…The area is really beautiful, hilly/horsey and full of wonderful horse farms.  There was one farm where we watched these horses running and at first we thought they were running with their colts, until we got closer and we found they were chasing a pair of donkeys – all over a very large corral.  Pretty wonderful to watch – at least 10 min of watching and 10 min of talking about it – occupied us for about 2.5 miles! 

Really an awesome weekend and run!

Running to Ocala…

17 01 2012

For runners -this is the Cross stitch update (go down, otherwise you might want to give up your shoes for a needle!)

I have been working dilligently on my Crazy January Challenge….finished #8 and 9 start last evening.  On to #10 tonight..WIPocalypse are waiting for me – patiently – to be picked up and worked on (stamping their feet too!).

First, I laid all of my choices for the 15 patterns out on the bed and admired them, then decided I didn’t admire #s 10 and 5 so much and switched those.  Then decided that I didn’t have the right fabric for #8 and switched that…after some pondering,went back to #5 again and stood back to admire my complete set…switched #3 again and realized I only had 13 so put back #10 and #3..sat there wondering if I could do more because there are so many more I want to do!!

After all was said and done, I switched out two more because I really wanted to add these other two that I found while trying to locate fabric for #1 and 2…LOL, never say done :).  To celebrate my decisions and finally being…well, you know…I went out to buy a basket to hold all my choices, DH was none to pleased as he claims I own every basket ever made (really, isn’t that silly, surely I have missed one or two along the way..).  But THIS basket had a nice lining and so I needed a lining to keep my pending projects clean/tidy and it WAS on clearance at Michaels…(Michaels storage clearance, they totally knew I was coming and they did that on purpose, it really is not fair).

I started on 1-7 this weekend as I have a bit to catch up on.  Thankfully this is a pretty giving group so didn’t really care that I was not going to be done on the 15th as I am starting a bit late. 

Here is my blog where I post my updates…

For cross stitchers – this is the running update (don’t read or you might want to use laces for stitching rather than floss!).

This week we ran the Beach bridge in 35 degree weather.  I love that in the warm south, they all pull out their ‘whatever’ to run in the cold because it is so rarely cold;sweats, stocking caps, baggy shirts, two shirts..etc.. – I showed up all decked out in my matching mucklucks and earmuffs, reflective jacket , pants and mitties…clearly, I am not from a warm place and it is sad to see – my outfits are well used :(.  8 mile run and it was a bit breezy on the beach and especially on the bridge – what is so odd about running in the cold is that about 20 min after you step into the warm shower – you start to ITCH because your skin is mad, just plain mad at being all frozen and now warmed up like it was leftover pasta.  I was supposed to run another 8 on Sunday, but just couldn’t convince myself to run outside one more day in the cold…so stayed home, ate cookies …gained weight.    We were supposed to run bridges tonight (yes, we do that for fun and so that they reserve a larger room at the looney bin for us because as you all know, the more crazy, the larger the room!) but some are whimping out because it is still too cold (like me)…treadmill running for me.

Many extole the horrors of treadmill running, I rather like running on a treadmill.  It is good to regulate your speed, you can listen to books on tape without the fear of being run over by a car because you are not paying attention and it is easier on the joints….the downside is that you start to like nuts a lot more, yearn for a big wheel to run in after a while and you learn to sing in public with no accompanyment (because you forget that you can hear the music, but no one else)..fortunately, most everyone is wearing headphones…and the big cannot stitch unless you are really a fast stitcher!

Ocala this weekend for a 1/2, supposed to be very pretty so I’m looking forward to the run.  But I have to run wiht all the fast people and that means I’ll be really pooped from holding up the rear (way rear, like walking!)….

What is in the bag…?

8 01 2012

January 9, 2012

WIPocalypse Update Jan 9 2012

1.  Better Homes and Garden stocking

 My mother loves dollys and has this victorian dolly room where she has these fabulously comfortable beds.  Really these are the beds to end all beds, soft comfortable puffs that everyone immediately falls in love with and the entire family fights over whenever we visit even the married couples (they are twin beds) – the other beds in her house obviously were sacrificed for the two marshmellow beds and ‘destuffed’ or something because all of those beds are hard as a rock and you might as well sleep on the floor. 

The pennance you pay for the wonderful nights sleep in a cloud  is 100 dollys, mostly victorian dollys staring at you all night; some big, some small, some in a case, some standing on top..all staring and it is truly ghastly when you wake up from your wonderful nights sleep to see – hundreds of glazed eyes all pointed at you, thinking gosh knows what!  But the worst of all is the one we call ‘ugly baby’ who has the most haunted stare and lays in her baby bed (well, I think it is a her) gaping at you with vacant eyes and this oddly shaped mouth, like she/he is going to suck the life out of you.  Of course, being adults now, when we arrive rather than being afraid of ugly baby, we have outgrown screaming for ugly baby and some of the larger staring dollies to be removed – now we simply put it in a closet or under the bed (face down) while we are there and turn the really big staring dolly’s to the wall or put underwear over their heads.  Turning to the wall works, underwear is better – albeit harder to explain.

I was looking for a book (Teresa Wentzler anything) in a wonderful LNS in Illinois – Welcome Stitchery – I found a book of stockings published by Better Home and Gardens, I think these may have been in JCS or some other XS mag.  One of the stockings in this book I bought  is guessed it..girls bedroom all done up in vintage victorian with a bunch of dollies and even an ugly baby of their own (in a baby carriage, but so close it is scarey), I have been working on this as a gift for my mom for some time and would love to see 1. My family break out into laughter over the dolly room and even ugly baby and 2. please my mother because I think she will love it – she loves Christmas stuff..but that is another story. 

Here is my progress so far… 10 hours rotation for this one and I’m only rotating with one other (Just Nan below). 

2. Noah’s Needle – Just Nan

For my daughter’s room I had the great idea of loading the walls with a bevy of arks..a little ark paradise right in the middle of suburban Chicago.  I was going to cross stitch all the decorations, speedily cranking out some 10 or 20 in a matter of moments (or months, who knows why we think we can do it so fast..) – the piece de resistance being the TW Ark.  I completed one Ark framed it and then switched to frogs (Ark falling out of vogue, just like wearing nylons under our leotards to work out).  This was the second ark I was to complete for her room.  An easy Just Nan chart – but I always loved the colors.  I think this has been a WIP since 1997 (the great Ark dynasty) and my little girl of course is now 24 and not so into arks.. but I think she will enjoy this one to put with her original Ark and I still have the TW in my stack to complete some day 🙂


It keeps me running

3 01 2012

Here are all the stitchy things I would like to do this year .  Supposedly, finishing these (or attempting to) is good for the soul and since one should like anything that is good for the soul, I am all in!  Here is my list of past stitchy sins (because I did not finish them) to finish in 2012. 

Stitching List 2012 – rotation is in this order as well.

  • ** Really Big pattern ** Dolly room stocking – Better Homes and Gardens is the publisher, not sure who authored this one.  To be replaced by Pardise Lost – Plum Street Sampler, to be replaced by English Garden Sampler – Teresa Wentzler when the stocking is done. 
  • Noah’s Needle- Just Nan
  • Easter Cracker – Bent Creek
  • Primitive Star – Ewe and Eye and Friends
  • Common Ground – Just Nan
  • Waiting for Santa – Bent Creek
  • 3 for 2 Boeringer (January – December bell pull)
  • Monthly Flip Its – Lizzie Kate – currently working on May
  • Cat Quilt – Diane Graebner
  • CW Patterson House – Debbie Patrick
  • Summer House – Bent Creek
  • Turkey Hill Farm – Ewe and Eye and Friends
  • The Big Tree – Bent Creek
  • February – Prairie Schooler

Updates to follow…